Free kindle The Ancient Guide to Modern LifeAuthor Natalie Haynes –

Great read, nice easy tone and full of humour and loads of great, great history lessons. It s time for us to re examine the past Our lives are infinitely richer if we take the time to look at what the Greeks and Romans have given us in politics and law, religion and philosophy and education, and to learn how people really lived in Athens, Rome, Sparta and Alexandria This is a book with a serious point to make but the author isn t simply a classicist but a comedian and broadcaster who has made television and radio documentaries about humour, education and Dorothy Parker This is a book for us allWhether political, cultural or social, there are endless parallels between the ancient and modern worlds Whether it s the murder of Caesar or the political assassination of Thatcher the narrative arc of the hit HBO series The Wire or that of Oedipus the popular enthusiasm for the Emperor Titus or President Obama over and over again we can be seen to be living very much like people did , or years ago Natalie Haynes entertaining foray through Ancient Cultures is diverting enough Her objective to draw wisdom and wit from the comparisons between their lives and ours is a laudable one.The main message is that life wasn t that different Ancient life was in some ways surprisingly good Athenian democracy, Rome s meticulous laws , in other ways appallingly bad Spartan infanticide Hebrews genocide , but generally predictably ugly hooliganism, corruption,status obsession, profound racism and sexism politics and intrigue futile wars The relentless tragedies of Greek Culture the egotistical tempestuousness of the mythical Roman Gods Socrates execution for agnosticism.Overall, it felt like a survey of arbritary similarities and differences, conveyed in a rather airy style sometimes humorous, sometimes glib with a few random witticisms Surprisingly, for a comedian, what it really lacked was a good punchline. An interesting examination of the relevance of ancient history to situations still being encountered today Thought provoking and capable of stimulating lively discussion with friends and colleagues over a glass or three Readable, insightful Certainly fulfills the promise of the title. Love this A bit reference styled but still fun.Thanks I have only just discovered Natalie Haynes through the BBC shows Standing up for have not put this down since getting it, have been walking around my garden, in lockdown, reading it and laughing out loud at her way of putting things, the compare and contrast with ancient thought and the characters she brings to life She brings it all to life with a twist of observation and humor brilliant. Like many good book , you don t realise that you re being educated and not just about the Greeks Romans as the style it is written in is very relaxed and the reader is not talked down to It s like a very informal conversation.The narrator on the audio book has been very well chosen and has a manner of reading which compliments the material very well Also you learn how some of the convoluted to modern ears Greek and Roman names should be pronounced