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The first book of the mini series is really great Altought the story is a littel hard to understand in the first couple of pages it progresses really well The only thing that bothered me was the sentence I am Celaena Sardothien which popped up every couple of pages. This is the first of the prequel novellas for Throne of Glass, each of which relates an episode in Celaena Sardothien s life before the novel This instalment is concerned mostly with honour and morality, establishing Celaena as a character with strong morals somewhat of a tall order, since she is an assassin.I found this to be a great little read, which snatched and held my attention I read these the wrong way round the novel first , so it s impossible to know for sure what it would be like to read this first, but I really enjoyed seeing an additional area of the novel s world, and some of Celaena s past, and believe that it would serve to introduce these effectively for those managing to get things in the right order.Her character is also well established here, and this is something I felt was a strength of the novel I loved this arrogant girl assassin OK, she can be aggravatingly arrogant, but that s fairly normal for highly talented teens, which is essentially what she is As this novella also shows, she has a keen sense of what is a step too far in moral terms, and she can be compassionate She also has a backstory which explains some of her attributes, and this novella contributes some pieces to that jigsaw too.Overall, as a Kindle novella at under a pound, this is a fab addition or introduction to the Throne of Glass world, which I would recommend for fantasy fans. The Assassin and the Pirate Lord is the first of 4 prequel e novellas that take Celaena Sardothien, heroine of Throne of Glass , and explore her previous exploits As such, it s pretty much a question of What to Expect in Throne of Glass This story is set 2 years prior to the main novel, so when Celaena is 16 Arobynn Hamel, head of the Assassin s Guild and Celaena s father figure, sends Celaena to conclude a deal with the Pirate Lord, accompanied by another assassin, Sam Cortland, who is sent to keep her reckless, arrogant streak in check But when the pair get to their destination, they realise that they weren t told everything about their mission, and Celaena decides to take matters into her own hands.This is an action packed novella that provides a fun introduction to the world of Throne of Glass , particularly as it takes us to parts of the story s world that we don t see in the main novel, and it s great reading for anyone interested in the shady character of Arobynn Hamel New or should it be old, as it s a prequel character Sam holds his own against the men of Throne of Glass he s not quite as lovely as Chaol, and he s younger and hence a bit sensitive, but he s a level headed contrast to the pretentious and boastful Celaena in the same way The story is just the right length for when you want a quick escape into pure fantasy, and the style is beautifully descriptive, with an easy charm that makes it very pleasant to read.The obvious flaw in all of these stories is that it s ridiculous that a beautiful 16 year old girl should be a kingdom s most notorious assassin, but the author gets around this in an amusing way by making Celaena ridiculously arrogant about it Apart from her constant and I mean constant preening and bragging which personally I find makes the stories interesting, as it s rare to find such an annoying heroine that you still identify with the main thing that could put people off reading this is its absurd naivety It s hard to explain why I found the story a bit hard to stomach without giving the plot away, but let s just say that it shies away from any actual assassinating in favour of an almost sickening display of Celaena Saving the Day that trumps Peter Pan in its pantomime worthy execution Celaena s actions are reckless, idealistic and bordering on patronising, and I wanted to slap some sense into her.The author stops short of being utterly unrealistic though, as thank the heavens no one else is as impressed with Celaena as she is with herself, and the fact that no one fell at her feet to thank her for her compassion rescued me from utter despair What s , it s definitely not all bad many scenes are pantomime worthy in the good way The Pirate Lord of the title is charming and ruthless, smart but of course not quite smart enough I couldn t help but cackle in both sympathy and satisfaction at Celaena s discomfort in her ridiculous disguises, and the tavern brawl was absolutely hilarious.Celaena Sardothien has some strong principles, and her heart is definitely in the right place, but she needs to get her head out of her own backside What I liked about this story though was that her attitude was entirely believable This IS the behaviour of a naive teenager who wants to make a difference and thinks that a little foot stamping display of disobedience, with no major consequences attached, makes her a freedom fighter That didn t make me wince any less, but it made me want to stick with her to see if she ever learns her place and channels her idealistic but well meaning notions into measured, respectful actions.If people read this and see that a what Celaena did isn t how it actually works b the true heroes of the story weren t Celaena, then it will have been a worthy read In any case, it s fun and well written, and if you don t take it too seriously then it s highly enjoyable. The I read of Celaena Sardothien the I fall in love with her This is the first in a set of four novellas detailing Celaena s life before A Throne Of Glass began.As a member of the Adarlan Assassin s working for Arobynn Hamel, Celaena leads a pretty lavish life, cloaked in silks and furs and running errands read, sneaky assassinations But don t be fooled, she s still the feisty, quick witted and fork tongued character we ve grown to love And she isn t impressed with her bosses latest task go and collect prisoners of war to be sold off as slaves to the highest bidder If you ve read Throne of Glass, you can imagine how well this sits with Celaena.I feel as though you get quite a lot for your money with this short story it doesn t feel rushed or lacking in detail and the beauty of Mass writing is still evident With some novellas I feel like I pay for the short story but half of the book is the first chapter of the authors main works I find that a complete rip off but fortunately this one breaks the mould for once.I loved this short insight, although it wasn t the most exciting story, and if anything I felt my appreciation of some of her characters was actually intensified which is rare for a novella I can see where Maas is going with these little extracts and think this will tie in nicely with some of the minor plots in the main series particularly the secret heartache Sardothien clearly has going on Definitely a good read for fans and there are no spoilers for anyone wanting to try a novella before giving the main series a read. The Assassin and the Pirate Lord is the first of four prequel novellas that are being released in the run up to the publication of Sarah J Maas debut novel Throne of Glass in August I ve been dying to get my hands on the book for months now so I couldn t resist picking up the novellas while I was waiting.I have to admit that I found the novella a little confusing at first, it jumps straight into the story so as I wasn t familiar with the characters or the world it took a few minutes to figure out what was going on Having said that this was a great introduction to our main character Celaena and some of the other assassins She is sent with rival assassin Sam on an assignment to collect a debt owed to them by the Pirate Lord However, when they arrive they discover that they are actually supposed to bring home slaves rather than money.Now Celaena may be an assassin but she has a conscience and she doesn t agree with hurting innocents She is horrified at the treatment of the slaves and is determined to come up with a plan to save them You have to admire her for the way she is so willing to put herself in danger to save strangers It was really interesting watching the relationship between Celaena and Sam change throughout the story and I m hoping we get to see of them in the novel I have a feeling they would make quite a fearsome couple if they got together.The Assassin and the Pirate Lord is a fast paced, action packed, quick read full of drunk pirates and sword fights This was a fun story and has just increased my excitement for the book, in the meantime I m looking forward to the next three novellas I never got the chance to read Throne of Glass formerly known as Queen of Glass back then on Fictionpress when Sarah put it online on 2002 when she was only 16 10 years ago but then she removed it from the site on 2008 to begin querying her book series after getting than 7,000 reviews and earned her masses of fans worldwide Sigh How I wish I read it since everyone keeps going on about how amazing and different it is Anyway, the actual novel will come out 7th August this year but Bloomsbury is releasing four novellas This is the first one of the quartet Now I can t wait for the second one The Assassin the Desert This short, fastpaced story opens with us being introduced to Celeana Sardothien, the protagonist, and even in the first few pages, you can clearly see why this seriously got everyone buzzing about it It went straight to action, there was never a dull moment.Celeana Sardothein is now officially one of my favourite protagonist EVER Even though this novella was short, I felt like I knew a lot about her, yet her decisions kept surprising me in a good way of course She was feisty, knew she was the best assassin in the world, and guess what guys, she knew she was BEAUTIFUL Yes Beautiful Oh my god You don t know how tired I am about reading about lead female characters that moan and moan about how ugly they look even though they re beautiful, hot or pretty OH GOD What is up with that But Celeana knew she was beautiful and she flaunted it That s one of the reasons why I love her She clearly has a lot of confidence, cocky, demanding but she was also selfless, caring and acts like a real girl she loves and adores clothes Yay There wasn t a lot of romance in this one probably why I didn t give it an A but I did very much enjoy the bantering with Sam, one of the other assassins I really like him I did read the summary for Throne of Glass, but he wasn t mentioned at all So, I was wondering if he s going to appear I know this doesn t have anything to do with the story whatsover, but I have to admit that I AM SO JEALOUS of Sarah J Maas Not only is she incredibly pretty but she can write pretty damn good Her writing is just so amazing I d be happy to have even a tiny bit of her talent This is one of the best high fantasy novels I ve ever read in my entire life and did you know that THRONE OF GLASS started out as a Cinderella re telling So instead of Cinderella coming to the ball to fall in love with the prince, she is sent to kill him since she s an assassin and all you know that s like one of the best and original plot line ever I really don t know how I m going to survive until August 7th, so thank God Sarah and Bloomsbury will be releasing a novella every 1.5 2 months leading up to the release of the first full length novel which begins 2 years after the novellas, I think THRONE OF GLASS.Posted at jana thebookgoddess.blogspot.com This is the first of four novellas that serve as prequels to Throne of Glass I read Throne of Glass prior to the prequels and would suggest this order Other than Celaena the characters are new therefore it is not giving away plot to read them first Although it is good going back now to learn about Celaena, part of the greatness of her in Throne of Glass is the mystery of her past I am glad that I learned of it slowly during the novel and am leaning of her past now.This novella was a quick fun read We finally get to meet Sam which was nice to be able to see he and Celaena together We only hear about little bits and pieces during the the full novel This has the same action and adventure with a few pirates thrown in to make it truly swashbuckling.So, I would suggest this novella but as I said I would read the full novel first Now I am off to start The Assassin and the Desert which is the second novella in the series.ChristineRainy Day Reads Throne of Glass is one of my favourite rereads so I was excited to discover how Celaena ends up in the mines.Sarah Maas is a fantastic world builder and even these short stories give us a window in an exciting vivid world Picking up on themes from the main novel we get to see Adarlan s assassin in action but not always in the way her client intends The secondary character are also well rounded and the story well placed. On a remote island in a tropical sea, Celaena Sardothien, feared assassin, has come for retribution Shes been sent by the Assassins Guild to collect on a debt they are owed by the Lord of the Pirates But when Celaena learns that the agreed payment is not in money, but in slaves, her mission suddenly changes and she will risk everything to right the wrong shes been sent to bring about Read these after finishing throne of glass, so slightly out of order i suggest possibly and order in the front of the Ebook to guide buys to the next appropriate book.Overall excellent book, good story line, interesting twists and allowed me to understand the main character a bit.