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No man should be as sexy as Trey Cantor when hes mucking out a horse stall But then again, theres no man quite like Trey Charity has known Trey all her life, but she can still appreciate a fine looking man when she sees one, and Trey is farto Charity than just a fine looking man He may have always seen her as his best friends little sister, but Charitys all grown up and her crush on Trey has grown up too If only she could get him to see her as a womanDuring a trip to buy Charitys new barrel racing horse, Treys flooredand a bit horrifiedby how attracted he is to her He wants to put her firmly in the friend zone, but his body disagrees And when they get home, that attraction ignites all the way to the bedroom, leaving Trey riddled with guilt the morning after He feels hes betrayed the family who made his life bearable when he was young and dealing with a drunken, violent father But what Trey is convinced was a mistake turns into so muchwhen Charity finds out shes pregnantwith twins Now, hell do right by her and support his children Hell take care of Charity, like hes always done The only thing is, Charity insists she doesnt want or need his help, thank you very much Shes still stinging from his rejection after their night together, and refuses to marry him based on some duty or obligation She wants a man who loves her, not just one whos determined to do the right thing Yet as Charitys pregnancy progresses, Trey realizes he cant live without her, and hell do all he can to convince her they were meant to beThis novel contains sexual content, profanity and scenes with referenced violence and referenced substance abuse