Read Best The Embattled MountainAuthor F.W.D. Deakin –

I read it because of the author s background But he s a terrible writer and the book is repetitive and disorganized. RO THE EMBATTLED MOUNTAINInReli Bon tat, Couv convenable, Dos satisfaisant, Int rieur fraispages Photo en noir et blanc en frontispice Illustr de nombreuses photos en noir et blanc hors texte, et d une carte d pliable en noir et blanc au dos du er plat Jaquette manquante Classification DeweyLangue anglaise Anglo saxon the heroic story against impossible odds of f.w.d deakins s.o.e liason with the fighting Serbs under Tito.The horrendous bestiality of the Nazi regime and the Ustasi collaborators left a legacy of hatred.The fighting qualities of titos troops was such that they were the only people to liberate their country from the Nazis and to prevent Soviet incursions into their country after the war.Deakin was responsible for Churchills superb prose in his writings after the war as he corrected them for him.A truly interesting and enlightening book about political and guerrilla warfare at the sharp end. Well written historical account from 3rd party perspective.For those interested in the topic, of course Having read Special Operations Europe by Basil Davidson immediately preceding this book, and was significantly disappointed by its style and content, I turned to this book for a better understanding of the Yugoslavian civil and anti Nazi war of 1941 45.The book was written in 4 sections A short Prologue which recounted the author s first entry into Yugoslavia in May 43, amidst a German offensive, which resulted in this party Only just making It out a dangerous encirclement operation.Part 1 which told the remainder of his story up to Sept 43, when the Italians capitulated, and by coincidence, his mission was overtaken by the arrival of the Fitzroy Maclean party to recognise Tito s Partisan forces.Part 2 which gave an excellent summary of the Yugoslavian resistance efforts, both Chetnik and Partisan, from April 41 till the arrival of Deakin in May 43.A short Epilogue which closed out the author s in country role to support Partisan forces, and his eventual return to a staff job in Cairo.The author s provenance was established by his literary support of Winston Churchill s pre and post war writings, and when compared to the tedious lefty style of Basil Davidson, was refreshing and illuminating The book was very informative on the various national differences within the country, and puts the 1990 s civil war fighting in context.On to the book by Fitzroy Maclean, Disputed Barricades, which will hopefully take up the story after Deakin left Yugoslavia until the end of the war, but is of a war biography of Tito and his Partisans. To Hurn Airport and other readers please be aware that it was not only and or exclusively Serbs fighting in Tito s partisan army There was a significant portion of Croats fighting with Tito So, although there indeed was a bloody fratricide going on in period 1941 45 it was definitely not a black white situation whenit comes to collaboration with Axis and nationality Just as Croats had their puppet state, the Serbs and Slovenes and others were split between the collaboration and resistance.Actually, when it comes to pure.number of dead combatants during the operation described in this book, the majority of them came from Dalmatia, a croatian coastal area, thus mostly Croats So, in future, try not to equalise the Croats with collaboration Or Serbs with resistance.