Read Reading The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking WomanAuthor Nancy Marie Brown –

Five hundred years before Columbus, a Viking woman named Gudrid sailed off the edge of the known world She landed in the New World and lived there for three years, giving birth to a baby before sailing home Or so the Icelandic sagas say Even after archaeologists found a Viking longhouse in Newfoundland, no one believed that the details of Gudrids story were true Then, in , a team of scientists discovered what may have been this pioneering womans last house, buried under a hay field in Iceland, just where the sagas suggested it could be Joining scientists experimenting with cutting edge technology and the latest archaeological techniques, and tracing Gudrids steps on land and in the sagas, Nancy Marie Brown reconstructs a life that spannedand expandedthe bounds of the then known world She also sheds new light on the society that gave rise to a woman evenextraordinary than legend has painted her and illuminates the reasons for its collapse