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GrUpCass draws us back into the world of The Selection HarperCollins with this latest series installment Taking placeyears after The One, this entry focuses on the lives of Queen America and King Maxon s four children, specifically Princess Eadlyn, who is the heir to the throne The castes have officially been dissolved, but not without recurring issue, including riots among the people of Ilea To distract the country and buy time for King Maxon and Queen America to formulate a plan to stop the riots, it s decided that another Selection will take place Princess Eadlyn is initially not fond of the idea because she is not ready to get married however she respects her parents wishes, and wants to do right by her people She has two caveats a three month commitment and an understanding that she may not find a husband in the end Fans will simultaneously root for and despise Eadlyn She is powerful, bossy, and vulnerable While life looks perfect from the outside, readers learn that things are not what they seem Physical fights break out among the Selected, and secrets are kept only to be revealed at the very end The cliff hanger conclusion sets the stage for future volumes At times the work feels like a retelling of the first book, but with a different cast of characters However, readers will enjoy seeing the courtship rituals through the eyes of Eadlyn, her date mishaps, and how things have evolved over two decades VERDICT A great addition for collections that have a high demand for The Selection seriesErin Holt, Williamson County Public Library, Franklin, TNPRAISE FOR KIERA CASS A real page turner Romance, royalty, and revolution in a reality show format serve Cass boldly rendered heroine well in her quest for justice and love ALA Booklist Reality TV meets dystopian fairy tale in Kiera Casss delightful debut Charming, captivating, and filled with just the right amount of swoon Kiersten White, New York Times bestselling author of Paranormalcy An engrossing tale reminiscent of Shannon Hales Princess Academy and Ally Condies Matched Fairy tale lovers will lose themselves in Americas alternate reality and wish that the next glamorous sequel were waiting for them School Library Journal Deliciously entertaining Publishers Weekly Casss immensely readable debut novel is a less drastic Hunger Games, with elaborate fashion and trappings The fast paced action will have readers gasping for the upcoming sequel ALA Booklist A cross between The Hunger Games minus the bloodsport and The Bachelor minus the bloodsport , this trilogy launch is a lot of fun Cass deftly builds the chemistry between America and Maxon, while stroking the embers of Americas first, forbidden love Publishers Weekly

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