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More Married Mayhem From The Wife ChroniclesA trip to Indonesia turns Jack Carters life around Following an alcohol induced indiscretion, he fears the worst He can no longer perform as a husband should.Its a problem and the sort of thing that could ruin a marriage.It did but did it really After receiving no explanation from Jack for his lack of interest, his wife Heather loses her patience A year later and now divorced from Jack, she sends him a text She wants to talk Can Jack come clean Can he tell her why he turned so cold And if he does, will she take him back His heart wants nothing.As always, nothing is as it seems on the surface, and soon Jack learns secrets abound.Theyre not all his The Hotwife Fix A New Arrangement, is part of The Wife Chronicles, a collection of standalone, thematically linked stories investigating the perils and humorous adventures of smart couples finding their happy ever afters They are intended for mature readers.

5 thoughts on “ The Hotwife Fix: A New Arrangement (English Edition)

  1. jblain jblain says:

    David Stone is one of our favorite authors He never fails to deliver Keep them coming David

  2. wilyum wilyum says:

    I like all David s books some than others One thing is a constant, they all drink like fish As with all self published books there are errors but that is not picking Good story strong can what else could you wish for.

  3. SIERRA SIERRA says:

    Good story

  4. Richard K. Richard K. says:

    Loved last three chapters.

  5. zykmel zykmel says:

    David Stone continues to delight and impress with this entertaining new spin on the Hotwife genre.