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I loved the twists and turns in this well written story The characters were complex and alive Just when you d start to judge a character, another layer would be exposed that changed your view Well worth the time to read I paid full price for this edition and feel like I definitely got my money s worth. I found this book interesting but not great Polly s story was the better part of the book Deming was hurt and confused by being left behind but at some point I wanted to just shake him and say do what you want or at least move in that direction The book talks about what he wants to do musically but not very clearly The book just ends abruptly with him finally doing what he wants but it would have been nice to see a little success before the book ended There is no clear resolution with his adoptive parents are they supportive Our son grew up with a boy born in Asia who, as an infant, was adopted by an American, middle class family He had perfectly nice parents and a biracial adopted sister Our son told us the boy felt sad, wondering why his mother gave him up, and about how he was conflicted by being different as the only Asian in school There was always an air of sadness about the boy.I thought of that boy, now a man, while reading Lisa Ko s debut novel The Leavers The book is a moving journey into the lives of Deming Daniel, a Chinese American child adopted by an American family, and his birth mother Pelian Polly, bold and strong but whose fierce love of her child cannot save them from the forces poverty and the law that inevitably separate her from her child.Pelian Polly Gao is an unforgettable character, born in rural China, daughter of a fisherman She imagines possibilities of another life and will do anything to achieve her dreams She could have settled for marrying the village boy who loved her, remained in China, taking care of her aging fisherman father She could have had an abortion and stayed in the Chinese factory dormitory, working long hours Instead, she takes out a loan to go to America.Her son Deming was born in New York City But Polly s debt meant long hours working for low wages She sends her son to live with her father in China After the death of his grandfather, Deming rejoins his mother, who is living with her boyfriend and his sister and nephew Those years are Deming s happiest He adores his mother and has a brother for best friend.One day Deming s mother disappears He is placed in a foster home and is adopted by an educated and well off family Now called Daniel, the boy never feels at home in his new world, any than his mother had felt at home in her rural village.Daniel flounders in life Then he is brought into contact with people from his past who led him on a quest to find his mother And finally learns the harrowing events that led to their separation.Illegal immigration, the immigrant experience, the love between a mother and a child, and the search for authenticity and a place to belong are all themes in the novel.The novel has garnered much well deserved praise and I purchased it to read The beauty of Ko s writing and the memorable characters made this an outstanding read. There was a time I would have called Lisa Ko s novel beautifully written, ambitious, and moving, and all of that is true, but it sthan that now if you want to understand a forgotten and essential part of the world we live in, The Leavers is required reading Ann Patchett Here is imperative reading a vivid fictional exploration of what it means to belong and what it feels like when you don tKo gives us an unsparing portrait of the resilience and grit it takes to risk everything to break free of tradition and start over in a foreign land O, The Oprah Magazine Favourite Books of 2017AmbitiousLisa Ko has taken the headlines and has reminded us that beyond them lie messy, brave, extraordinary, ordinary lives New York Times Book Review Consider this book a must read They may be fictional, but these characters have a lot to teach us about the difficulties of belonging and the plight of illegal immigrants Marie Claire One of 2017 s most anticipated fiction debuts The winner of last year s PEN Bellwether Prize, which recognizes fiction that explores issues of social justice, The Leavers feels as relevant as ever as the future of immigrants in America hangs in the balance Time.comKo s novel is a moving story of how a boy comes into his own when everything he loves is taken away, and how a mother learns to live with the mistakes of the past.