books The Longest Day: D-Day 75th Anniversary EditionAuthor Cornelius Ryan –

Although it was first published in the late 1950s, the Longest Day is still the best history for the general reader of this momentous action of World War 2 I have had my copy since the 1970s so was delighted to find a new expanded edition had been published for the 75th anniversary of Operation Overlord This new printing is illustrated with many photographs and also includes some documentation relating to the operations in Normandy If you want a detailed history aimed at military history enthusiasts historians then there are plenty out there for you to browse through If you want a good general description of operation Overlord then I can not recommend this highly enough and the new 75th anniversary edition is well worth the money. A Christmas present Recipient was well pleased. I first read this book almost 50 years ago, at the time it was the definitive account of D Day Many others have followed, notably the versions by Max Hastings and Anthony Beevor This is a great updated version of Ryan s book featuring a lot of photographs and memorabilia, a fascinating collection I you are a student of WW2 then this is for you, if you are one of the few people who don t know much about D Day then this is definitely for you Worth every penny. You can see the amount of time and energy put into this book, as the story of D Day leaps of the page The way this book was wrote set the standard for most military history books looking at a point in the war, through the eyes of the soldiers who fought in that battle. First published in , The Longest Day is one of the best selling military history books of all time, and was the basis for the legendary war movie inreleased by th Century Fox The author and war journalist, Cornelius Ryan, pioneered a new style of military history writing based on interview research with over a thousand battle participants The result is a vivid description of D Day based on the stories of the people, on both sides, who took part in those crucialhours The great body of first hand documents, interview transcripts and questionnaires he collected is now held in Ohio University Libraries This beautifully designed illustrated edition incorporatesof these original research documents with Ryan s classic text, and is further enhanced withphotographs of D Day Christmas present Very well set out and informative Lovely book, my husband has found it very interesting, good layout. Classic. This should be required reading in every American classroom Our youth need to be reminded about the price of freedom Excellent seller