Free Reading The New Georgia: Space, Society, Politics (Changing Eastern Europe S.)Author Gachechiladze Revaz –

A comprehensive book on the social and political geography of one of the most distinctive newly independent States to emerge from the collapse of the Soviet Union Being one of the most developed Soviet republics in terms of levels of welfare, education and cultural activity, Georgia is fiercely defending its national self identity and striving for independence The difficult process of building a nation State and of concurrent dramatic social changes has led in the s to serious complications in its development, even to the point of several civil wars But there are signs that the crisis will be overcome before long

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  1. Lasha Lasha says:

    Being one of the best professors at Tbilisi State University with his vast erudition, rich experience and encyclopedic knowledge in many fields beyond just geography, Prof Gachechiladze provided a thorough introduction to the then newly independent country of Georgia in this book Though written well over two decades ago during Georgia s fledgling independence born in turmoil, The New Georgia provided a great deal of precise political predictions for the 21st century that adds up to its scientific value.Having been aware of quite a good deal of English language literature on Georgia, I definitely recommend this old but still topical book for every curious mind interested in this particular corner of the world.