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A reprint of the originaledition with updated photographs Thirty three essays from scholarly contributors on the evolution of collecting, and how this lead to the formation of the modern museum One of the first books to explore how collectors live with their objects, a subject which has become increasingly studied and popular History Today carried a feature in , describing The Origin of Museums as a cult book that spawned a new discipline in the history of collecting Indeed, the first publication of this book inundoubtedly marked a propitious moment in the development of interest, in what has since grown to be a dynamic subject area in its own right That an appetite for such matters was already there is confirmed by the fact that the first impression sold out within a few months, a second impression a year or two later, and the third inThere was to be no further printing by the original publishers, Oxford University Press However ina new edition appeared with a new publisher Demand again proved buoyant, but within a few months the company failed having operated on a print on demand basis, it left behind it no unsold stock The Origins of Museums reverted to a scarce though much sought after volume With original copies now selling for hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, the Ashmolean is proud to make this important volume readily available againThe late Oliver Impey and Arthur Macgregor were both Assistant Keepers at the Ashmolean Museum, and both were involved with the Journal of the History of Collections