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After her castle and clothes are destroyed by the dragon, Princess Elizabeth, dressed only in a paper bag, sets out to rescue Prince Ronald, who was taken captive

15 thoughts on “PAPER BAG PRINCESS BOUND FOR S (Munsch for Kids)

  1. anon anon says:

    I found it funny, but my 6 year old boy was left unfazed by the feminist humour.Maybe I need to wait Maybe I m not a good reader

  2. Mirmi Mirmi says:


  3. Christine Broesenhuber Christine Broesenhuber says:

    a marvelous book that shows us how unimportant looks are compared to a good character And it s good for a good laugh

  4. Gert Stein Gert Stein says:

    this was my favourite book as a kid and it continues to be so this princess doesn t let anybody get the best of her and stays true to herself rather than change for someone else w o n d e r f u l

  5. Ami Mami Ami Mami says:

    It s a funny story, but given the accolades the book has received, I was a little disappointed in it, perhaps unfairly.

  6. Diamanto Diamanto says:

    i like it for its alternative story

  7. chiichan chiichan says:

    Das Buch geh rt selbstverst ndlich in jedes M dchenzimmer, daf r 100 Punkte Allerdings gef llt mir die deutsche Ausgabe von den Bildern her deutlich besser in der dt Version sind die Bilder ein eigener Kommentar und voller ironischem Witz, der das Buch auch f r Eltern sehr nett macht Bei der engl Ausgabe handelt es sich um nicht mehr als eine einfache Illustration weil eben Bilder her mussten f r die Bebilderung 1 Stern, f r die Geschichte f nf, macht zusammen drei Sterne

  8. Zissi Zissi says:

    auch diese Geschichte trifft wahrscheinlich nicht jedermanns Geschmack , ist aber ganz unterhaltsam Die Prinzessin berlistet den Drachen , um ihren Prinzen zu retten , als ihr dies gelingt benimmt dieser sich ihr gegen ber arrogant und macht sich ber ihr fehlendes Kleid und die zerzausten haare lustig , woraufhin sie ihm ihre Meinung sagt und die beiden nicht heiraten.

  9. MrsP MrsP says:

    I purchased this for my 3 year old as I remember reading it when I was little I had forgotten what an incredible message this has, a strong, brave princess rescues the prince and figures out that appearances are absolutely not everything A brilliant read and an important message for both boys and girls.

  10. M. Mcgowan M. Mcgowan says:

    I wanted a book for my niece where the girl isn t passive However I felt it made the boy look like a wimp and I didn t feel that making the girl look good should be at the expense of the boy which to me seemed a bit like the same bias only the other way round Next time I will go to a bookshop and read before I buy.

  11. Customer Customer says:

    This book is fantastic, the message in it is clear I have read many reviews on this prior to buying which say this is a must read for girls I d say indeed it is, but equally so for our sons to read The message is clear and doesn t have to be genderised The value of a person is in their actions not in their attire or social position.

  12. Mr14w Mr14w says:

    Bought for my daughter who loved it but lost her original copy from when she was younger Fantastic, funny story Princess Elizabeth is a good role model for little girls she s fierce, brave, clever and knows her worth A feminist princess At 13, my daughter now appreciates that side of the story but when she was little she loved it just because the princess calls the Prince a bum

  13. josephsamuel mum josephsamuel mum says:

    The kids in my year 2 class loved this book We used it for a 2 week English block Suspect main reason they liked it was the word bum on the last page though

  14. Gosia E Gosia E says:

    I wish that thanks to this book and others like this one girls like my daughter will grow up to be strong, have their own opinion and be happy Reading the same book over and over before bed can be tiring, but this one always makes me chuckle.

  15. Najma Najma says:

    My kind of book My 5 year son questioned the unconventional ending but cheered for the protagonist Great book No issue with delivery or package.