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    Emil Georg B hrle, 1890 1956, was an industrialist, art collector, patron and a cavalry officer in the Great War The Foundation E.G.B hrle Collection in Z rich is one of Europe s most important but lesser known collections B hrle s enthusiasm for collecting led him to purchase works of art by the dozen He also underwrote the cost of a new exhibition wing at the Z rich KunsthausFrom 1920 when he acquired two watercolours by Erich Heckel, B hrle collected Dutch, French and Venetian Old Masters as well as the works of 19th and 20th century artists such as the Impressionists, Matisse, Picasso and Braque Three quarters of his 300 paintings some of which are presented in this book , sculpture and works on paper were acquired in the last 6 years of his life In 1990 91 an exhibition, organised to celebrate the centenary of his birth, visited the National Gallery of Art, Washington, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Yokahama Museum of Art and the Royal Academy of Arts, London.B hrle s wish had always been for his works to be seen and to ensure this, in 1960, his family established a Foundation to open a small museum in a villa adjacent to his former home and donated 200 works The remaining works remain with the family but are regularly lent to museums and shown in exhibitions.The 85 works in this exhibition, presented as full page colour plates with additional two page spreads, came from the collections of both the Foundation and the B hrle family A detail from Pissarro s Road from Versailles to Louveciennes , 1870, is reproduced on the front cover This catalogue contains a Preface by Hortense Anda B hrle, the collector s daughter, an essay Emil Georg B hrle A Student of Art History Turned Industrialist and Art Collector by Margrit Hahnloser Ingold, herself from a Swiss art collecting family, and an introduction to the Foundation Georg Emil B hrle Collection by Christian B hrle, the collector s grandson The catalogue includes expert commentaries on the works together with brief biographies of the artists.Amongst the 17th century works displayed is Aelbert Cuyp s Thunderstorm over Dordrecht , c 1645, and Jan van Goyen s The Castle Montfort , 1648, other artists being Hals, Pieter Jansz Saenredam, Willem van Aelst and Pieter de Hooch From the 18th century are works by Tiepolo Diana Bathing , c 1755 60 , Canaletto The Grand Canal , c 1738 42 and Greuze.Works from the early part of the 19th century include Ingres Portrait of Monsieur Devillers , 1811, Delacroix s Arab Musicians , 1836, and The Free Performance , c 1843 45, by Daumier and A Girl Reading , c 1845 50, by Corot.The exhibition included works by Picasso 2, including Road for Osny to Pontoise Hoar Frost , 1873 , Manet 8, incl Roses and Tulips in a Vase , 1883 , Degas 5, including Ballet Class , c 1880 , Fantin Latour 2, incl Climbing Roses and Peaches , 1873 , Ssley 2, incl Summer at Bougival , 1876 , C zanne 7 Incl Still Life with Petunias , c 1885 , Monet 4, incl Poppies near V theuil , 1879 , Renoir 4, incl Portrait of Mademoiselle Ir ne Cahen d Anvers , 1880 , Gauguin 5, incl Idyll in Tahiti , 1901 , van Gogh 6, incl Wheat Fields with Cypresses , June 1889 , Seurat 2, incl Study for Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte , 1884 85 , Toulouse Lautrec 3, incl The Redheaded Girl , c 1886 and Kandinsky The Blue Rider , 1903, which became the emblem for the Der Blaue Reiter group , Bonnard 2, incl The Luncheon , 1899.Artists from the 20th century include Vuillard 2, incl The Visitor , c 1903 , Matisse The Pont Saint Michel, Paris , c 11900 , Rouault 2, incl Guy de Charentonay , 1906 9 , de Vlaemink 2, incl Banks of the Seine at Chatou , 1906 , Franz Marc 2, incl Mare with Foals , November 1912 , Derain The Table , 1904 5 , Picasso The Italian Girl , 1917 , Braque 2, incl The Port of L Estaque , 1906 and Kokoschka Portrait of Emil G B hrle , 1951 52.The showing of the exhibition in Washington led to protests about B hrle s role as a weapons exporter in WW II and to claims that some of the works in his collection had been confiscated from their Jewish owners by the Nazis.This is an excellent presentation of one of the little known European art collections The works from the family s collection are not open to public view.

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    The Foundation E.G.Buhrle Collection in Zurich, Switzerland is one of Europe s most important but lesser known jewels of art treasures Emil Georg Buhrle, a German born Swiss weapons industrialist amassed one of the world s largest private collections of European art From the late 1920s until his death in 1956, Buhrle acquired some 300 paintings, pastels, and medieval sculptures In fact than half of his purchases took place within the last six years of his life Although he showed an interest in Dutch, French and Venetian old masters Frans Hals, Eugene Delacroix, Canaletto and those by twentieth century artists Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque , his greatest love were the impressionists and post impressionists Buhrle always wanted his collection someday to be viewed by the public and his wish eventually came true after his death In 1960, Buhrle s widow and children formed a foundation donating 200 works to open a small museum now housed in a villa adjacent to Buhrle s former home The family still owns the remaining artworks and are occasionally shown in exhibits This book was published on the occasion of an international traveling exhibition of the most noteworthy paintings on permanent display supplemented with numerous important loans from the private collection After a brief biography, the paintings are beautifully presented with one page commentaries The catalogue highlights several iconic works such as Vincent van Gogh s The Sower , Paul Cezanne s Boy in the Red Vest , Auguste Renoir s Irene Cahen d Anvers Paul Gauguin s Still Life With Sunflowers on an Armchair , and Edgar Degas Madame Camus at the Piano Buhrle also purchased two drawing studies for this painting Other interesting canvases include Edouard Manet s The Suicide , two Georges Seurat s studies, a portrait of Gauguin s wife painted very early in his career, Pablo Picasso s Italian Woman , The Dinner , a rare domestic scene by Claude Monet, Wasilly Kandinsky s early The Blue Rider , and Franz Marc s The Dog in Front of the World Although I was disappointed by the omission of some other familiar works from the museum like Paul Signac s Milliners , Renoir s Flower Hats , and Marc Chagall s Russian Wedding , the privately owned pieces are a great substitution If you love books on art collectors and their treasures, I recommend this publication.A final note, this book was published in 1990 and is slightly outdated I found out that one of the featured privately owned van Gogh paintings, A Wheat Field with Cypresses is actually now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Emil s son sold it in 1993.