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The teeny tiniest of adorable farting ponies gives the biggest of laughs in this riotously inventive new title from Kate Beaton, the artist behind the bestselling Hark A Vagrant Fall in love with a teeny tiny, roly poly, cutie pie of a farting pony in this wickedly funny tale from Kate Beaton, the artist behind the comic phenomenon Hark A Vagrant Princess Pinecone knows exactly what she wants for her birthday this year Not a cosy sweater like always, but a horse a big horse, a strong horse, a horse fit for a Warrior Princess But when the day arrives, Pinecone doesn t quite get the horse of her dreams Brave Viking warriors and big surprises abound in this laugh out loud title

7 thoughts on “Beaton, K: Princess and the Pony

  1. Julia K Julia K says:

    Kate Beaton ist eine meiner Lieblings Comiczeichnerinnen Geschichte und Literatur Fans werden ihren Webcomic Hark, a Vagrant lieben Aber ihr fat pony it s not a pig ist einfach einer der genialsten Charaktere Princess and the Pony w rde ich uneingeschr nkt empfehlen, sowohl f r Kinder als auch f r Erwachsene

  2. Johanna Johanna says:

    A really cute story, fun characters, amazing illustrations and so much wholesome humor A MUST HAVE FOR PONY FANS AND ALL SORT OF PRINCESSES

  3. EdP EdP says:

    great book, as expectedwhy do i have to write a five star note speaks for itself stop this,

  4. IMG IMG says:

    I love this story The pony illustrations are fabulous and well observed my daughter s favourite pony when she went to classes was called Smasher an amiable beast, he farted at every step She always wanted a horse but at Uni fell in love with Exmoor ponies way character than might be expected in such small packages I m sure she will enjoy this with her own family My other daughter was a big fan of Megara in the Disney Hercules movie and somehow this conveys the same spirit The illustration of the battle merits close examination very witty and clever Highly recommended for all ages Kate Beaton s on line cartoons are worth a look a very clever lady.

  5. Susanna Krawczyk Susanna Krawczyk says:

    Bought for several parents I know, they all love it Some babbies too small to give opinions yet, but the three year old that got it really enjoyed checking out the details in the pictures and she especially loved the ponies in jumpers at the end

  6. mer mer says:

    Bought because the illustrations don t include a white blond blue eyed little girl It s important to represent all children We loved the story too.

  7. snowy snowy says:

    Im not sure who was entertained, us or the kids They all loved it, we were laughing too and the message it sends is positive and heart warming Really would reccomend.