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The Selection is written in 1st person and follows America, or Mer, as she is chosen to be one of a group of 35 young women known as The Selected in which Prince Maxon will choose his bride from America is reeling from her breakup with long term boyfriend Aspen, and resents being one of the Selected As she gets to know Maxon on a personal level, she finds herself warming to him But she s got 34 other girls to compete against and she s not sure if her heart is in it as fiercely as theirs seem to be.I m quite late to the party reading The Selection, as it s quite a widely read YA book at the time of writing this review However, I thought I d share my experience all the same.I love YA fantasy, but I d say this is quasi fantasy because it really focuses on the characters and the situation as opposed to the dystopian element We know very little about America s world, but it seems she doesn t really know much either, so it s not so much of a worry to the reader The rebels that attack the palace felt quite faceless, as did the founder of her world But, I was happy to be swept up in her love life and character she seems like a genuine girl and I cared about what happened to her, which is than I can say about some YA books I ve read.That being said, I felt a little cheated that the book ended where it did There s a definite requirement to purchase the second book to find out what happens, which is a bit of a pet peeve of mine If you ve read my other reviews you ll know I love stand alone books, so if you re looking for similar, look elsewhere Thirty five beautiful girls Thirty five beautiful rivalsIts the chance of a lifetime andyear old America Singer should feel lucky She has been chosen for The Selection, a reality TV lottery in which the special few compete for gorgeous Prince Maxons loveSwept up in a world of elaborate gowns, glittering jewels and decadent feasts, America is living a new and glamorous life And the prince takes a special interest in her, much to the outrage of the othersRivalry within The Selection is fierce and not all of the girls are prepared to play by the rules But what they dont know is that America has a secret one which could throw the whole competition and change her life forever A 3.5 for this compulsive page turner that somehow keeps the reader engaged through Prince Maxon s Bachelor selection process with decent writing, a fabulous cover, but minimal tension.Why only a 3.5 Primarily the lack of world building, which distracted from the plot.It s set in future North America, following a Chinese invasion and World War 4, in a relatively new country So why introduce an archaic monarchy into a brave new world There is mention of the founder marrying into a Royal family, but WHICH Royal family I write this as a Brit well used to Royals Further it s a well loved Royal family despite the fact that their starving people are being executed adults and beaten kids for stealing food.They are attacked by rebels from the north disorganised but harmless and south dangerous who regularly breach the palace walls, ransack rooms, and seem to be searching for something That s it Everyone hides We never see them End of, until the next attack.Which leads to the caste system Good scope for drama tension here but, nope Don t get that either It s not entrenched through a long history, so why introduce it in a new country Cass goes with the Divergent structure the protagonist, America, is from an artistic family and therefore a 5 Her brother wants to play soccer, not the piano, but he s not allowed Er, why not Irritatingly, this system is not explained satisfactorily.To me this story would have been so much better as a fantasy fairytale, which would have made sense than the attempt at a dystopian society I couldn t get a clear picture of the world They have planes, cars, and telephones but not one mention of an electronic device, from a smartphone to a laptop Why not The Royals live in a grand palace to rival any ancient European monarchy, which I assume was built after the new country was formed, but as they don t have any history books it s hard to know why there are hints that this will become clearer in book 2, but I needed info earlier on.I liked all the characters to a point They re all nice enoughthat s it.nice, which means I m not enjoying the love triangle as I don t want to see either of the guys hurt Not enough detail to fall in love with them.Overall Mer is a good protagonist, but I didn t like how she constantly puts all the other girls down, as though she were the only one with any decency and spunk she stood up to the prince, didn t want her image changed in the makeover, and didn t flinch in the face of rebel attacks I was disappointed her music barely came into it I can t believe a musician would ignore all those beautiful instruments in her room to play cards and read all day I was waiting for the others to be mesmerised by her beautiful voice and piano floating down the hallways It was disappointing not to see any competitive events between the girls or details about their behaviour at parties or the like, and the cameras were only occasionally mentioned the main focus is on America s inner ramblings.I really hated Maxon s use of the term dear it made him sound like a patronising fifty year old.If you want a fairly gentle, compelling YA romance, this is for you I ve already purchased book 2 and am hoping to have a lot of questions answered Be aware that each book ends on a cliff hanger and is priced a pound than its predecessor I borrowed this book for free using Kindle Unlimited The first thing I did when I had finished reading was buy this book and then the next in the series I then binge read all five books in a day I couldn t help myself.I should admit that I am slightly older than the target audience, but I loved the way the book made me feel like a teenager again I laughed, cried and experienced crippling secondhand embarrassment I had definite favourites and, as I read through the series, I realised that the characters were not stereotypically good or bad but flawed human beings who sometimes made epic mistakes and had to deal with the consequences.I give the entire series five stars and highly recommend it for young adults and the young at heart. This book was released SO long ago and I ve only JUST read it Part of the reason is because despite the huge amount of hype it received, it has SUCH mixed reviews Some people hated it and some loved it I ve always been a bit wary of massively hyped books but I finally decided to give it a go In the end, my own feelings were pretty mixed though overall I did like it I really liked the plot it had a dash of Dystopian in it but was focused on the competition side of things which was a lot of fun to read Having a book based on The Bachelor competition as an idea is not something I usually think I would enjoy but for some reason it had me completely hooked The world building was interesting too, though the number castes had a few oddities that didn t make much sense to me I liked the idea behind it however and I m intrigued to see how it develops in the next books The characters in this book took a little adjusting to I m thinking particularly of the three main characters that s right, love triangle ALERT America was a character that I thought I wouldn t get along with, but in the end I actually liked her a lot She didn t make too many stupid, reckless decisions like so many characters I ve read from before Maxon really grew on me and while I adore him, I have to say please NEVER let him say my dear again If anyone knows the story of Oliver Twist , they ll know EXACTLY which character was brought to mind when I read this and it was not a pretty picture Aspen I didn t like quite so much, yet I couldn t help but feel a pang of sympathy for him The reason I didn t give it a really huge rating was because I felt it lacked a lot of the detail I like to read and I felt like there was room to have explained some things along the way I am looking forward to reading Book Two though Good grief, I don t even know where to start.America has been selected to compete against 34 other girls vying for the affections of Prince Maxon based upon the fact she s attractive She doesn t want him, she s in love with Aspen, but her family needs the money so she applies anyway That s the plot 35 pretty girls are hateful to each other for the sake of winning the affections of an entitled, pretentious and borderline creepy prince who clearly has no respect or understanding of what a disgusting situation that even is You are all dear to me It is simply a matter of discovering who shall be the dearest get over yourself If you didn t roll your eyeballs I don t even know what s wrong with you.My biggest problem with this book is not the competition but rather America s obsession with prettiness and the fundamentally messed up portrayal of women hating on other women I don t enjoy reading about it and I think it s totally unnecessary This book could easily have had 35 girls rebel against the system and have each others backs and I m certain it would have had a way bigger impact on me if it had done America is entirely hung up on people thinking she s pretty, but constantly comments on how unattractive, overweight or aged other women are this even extends to her mother who she frequently judges I abhor the way she flippantly discusses her mother to be perfectly honest America also often complains that people comment on her looks, that she s sick of being called pretty, but speaks about her looks in the same way I imagine beautiful people do when they secretly love that they re beautiful because they re actually arrogant AND beautiful Please don t call me gorgeous First my mom, then May, now you It s getting on my nerves By the way Aspen was looking at me, I could tell I wasn t helping my I m not pretty case If you want some eyeball rolling worthy moments let me tell you this America Singer is also a singer I wonder how Keira Cass came up with her name I just don t get it I don t find that a clever move if it s meant to be On top of this America thinks she s some sort of saint for lowering herself to the level of the commoners by indulging them with the pleasure of a conversation with her, despite the fact she s entirely dismissive of her maids initially and was once in their very shoes she also complains about having been poor whilst evaluating the number of dresses she has that are not in keeping with the latest fashion.I wish this book had been a clever attempt to challenge shows like, The Bachelor which broadcast women fighting tooth and nail for a man who doesn t value them, pushing each other down in order to bring themselves up I just despise the idea of a man getting to essentially choose his favourite woman from a group of adoring women who are willing to hurt each other to win it s not a strong message and it s definitely not fun to read about I thought that this might be what Cass was going to do initially, given that America makes it very clear from the off that she s not interested in him, but that sadly wasn t the case at all I won t be continuing with the series, because God only knows how I would contend with four books which required me to shelve my absolute disdain for America Singer, the singer She s pretty, don t you know Die ganze idee mit der selection ist an sich sehr spannend und interessant, ich fand auch die sache mit der Dreiecksbeziehung sogar ganz gut aufgezogen, ich hab die anderen M dels auch alle sehr gemocht, es war ne sch n bunt gemischte truppe und die hauptcharakterin hat mir ziemlich gut gefallen Also der erste band ist zu empfehlen aber da ich bereits die folgenden b nde gelesen hab w rde ich dennoch davon abraten sich die reihe zu kaufen, einfach weil es entt uschend wird und man aber trotzdem wissen will wie es ausgeht somit ruiniert man sich diesen vielversprechenden ersten band mit den folgenden bereits am ende des zweiten bandes wollte ich das gennante buch in die ecke pfeffern vor frustration.wer damit leben kann, dass die charakterin immer mehr w hrend der selection verbl det liebe macht ja bekanntlicht dumm und dass die story mit der urspr nglich einzigartien idee der selection dann trotzdem in eine 08 15 spur von dem genre geschoben wird, der kann sich die reihe gerne durchlesen ich werde die reihe auf jeden fall verkaufen, die bleibt mir nicht im schrank. Was ist eine DyRoCom Ich habe das Wort zugegeben selbst erfunden, weil mir kein passender Begriff f r das Genre eingefallen ist The Selection ist weder eine reine Liebesgeschichte Roman noch trotz der sehr guten Ans tze eine Dystopie und auch keine Kom die, obwohl einige sehr lustige Szenen und Parodien auf typisce Castingshows enthalten sind DyRoCom ist also eine Zusammensetzung aus Dystopie, Roman und Kom die.The Selection k nnte ein modernes M rchen sein, das von Aschenputtels ungew hnlicher und ungeplanter Suche nach ihrm Traumprinzen erz hlt Um die richtige Frau f r den Kronzprinzen zu finden, wird in Ill a Amerika nach dem vierten Weltkrieg und dem Verlust der den Lesern heute bekannten Identit t der Staaten durch Asien regelm ig eine Castingshow veranstaltet, die Konzepten wie dem Bachelor Konkurrenz machen k nnte Bewerben darf sich jede Frau eines bestimmten Alters, unabh ngig von ihrer Kaste ja, leider leben die Menschn Ill as in unfair verteilten Kasten mit entsprechend ungleich verteilten Chancen Nat rlich bleiben Konkurrenzk mpfe nicht aus, wenn arrogante Oberschichtdamen auf wundersch ne Frauen aus niederen Kasten treffen, beispielsweise die Hauptperson America, eine u erst talentierte S ngerin, die aber nur aus der f nften Kaste stammt aufgrund der Ereignisse im K nigreich Ill a, die sich im gesch tzten K fig des Palastes vor allem bei den regelm igen, manchmal blutig verlaufenden, Angriffen der Rebellen zeigen, und des gerade f r die niederen Kasten hoffnungslosen Lebensstils ist The Selection aber viel mehr als ein M rchen Die Geschichte macht mich als Leserin nachdenklich, ob und wie die Welt aussehen w rde, wenn Asien vor allem China und Europa sich endlich auch politisch gegen die berm chtigen Vereinigten Staaten stellen Die Lehrstunden darin, wie heutzutage Politik und Geschichte gemacht werden und dass es mutige Menschen braucht, um unser aller Leben zu verbessern, sind sehr gut gelungen nicht zu vergessen auch die witzigen Episoden innerhalb der Castingshow, die dem Buch seine besondere W rze geben.Trotz der verschiedenen Kasten sind die M dchen einfach junge Frauen, die mit allen Mitteln um ihren Traummann oder einfach die Krone k mpfen Ob sie sich nun in den Haaren liegen, weil sie zu sehr in ihrem Zickenkrieg aufgehen, sie sich mit dem Kronprinzen anlegen eine Teilnehmerin beispielsweise schreit ihn an und landet ihr Knie sehr unsanft zwischen seinen Beinen oder Probleme mit dem Einf gen in das neue Leben geschildert werden, The Selection hat mich mehrfach zum lauten Auflachen gebracht.Die Mischung aus Romantik, Humor und Dystopie machte mich als Leserin s chtig, ich konnte die B cher nicht mehr weglegen Wahrscheinlich k nnte man von Binge Reading sprechen Es ist selten, dass mich eine Reihe so sehr fesselt und The Selection hat die bisherigen Reihen nochmals bertrumpft Ich gebe berzeugte f nf Sterne und spreche eine Leseempfehlung aus.Wenn ich an The Selection und den Folgeb nden bergreifende Kritik ben m sste, dann, dass Kiera Cass das Leben in Ill a sehr darauf fokussiert, was die M dchen im Palast mitbekommen Ich h tte mir noch mehr Hintergr nde, mehr Einblicke in die Geschichte und Erz hlungen au erhalb des Palastes gew nscht, aber das ist in dieser Buchserie schlicht nicht erw nscht Vielleicht macht gerade das den Reiz der Geschichte aus, denn die m rchenhafte Perspektive wird sehr selten eingenommen.