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Menace emanated from them as fiercely as the heat from the sun Night and day, the drums never stopped, a constant reminder of the mortal threat that hung over them She could hear them booming across the waters, like the heartbeat of the monsterAn unimaginable enemy will bring them together In the burning heat of the Sudanese sun, the city of Khartoum is under siege from the fearsome forces of the Mahdi, the charismatic leader of those who tire of the brutal Egyptian government In Khartoum, along with thousands of innocent citizens, are trapped the fanatical General Charles Gordon, intrepid soldier Penrod Ballantyne of the th Hussars, English trader Ryder Courtney and the British consul and his three beautiful daughters As rescue becomes increasingly unlikely, this group of Queen Victorias loyal citizens must unite to prepare themselves against a nightmarish enemy, and for the savage battle to survive that must surely follow The Courtneys meet the Ballantynes in a sweeping adventure

15 thoughts on “The Triumph of the Sun: The Courtney Series 12 (English Edition)

  1. David R David R says:

    A lovely story with great pace Quite a bit of violence some quite graphic Smith is one of the greatest storytellers in my opinion I have read most of his books when this one three times at least His characters and locations are always well described and his stories draw you in to the point when you don t want to put them down It won t suit everyone but if you love an interesting and well told story this could be for you.

  2. Ernest Godfrey Ernest Godfrey says:

    I enjoy this author s writing so much that I ration myself to one book every three months I have no doubt if the authenticity of his books the detail is simply too great He demonstrates an in depth knowledge of his subject matter but better than that he I a superb storeyteller.

  3. Sam Sam says:

    When you read any of Wilburs novels you are engrossed and you feel you are there in spirit and soul.This was a great book, as all the Courtney and Ballantyne novels.Well researched, you feel you are transported to every destination and situation.Carry on Wilbur Loved it


    Love a bit of Wilbur Smith but disappointed with this book, its an infill so actually wrote it years after the original books, got bored with the setting of the story, didn t like many of the characters so feel like I wasted time and money on this one,

  5. Janet Allsop Janet Allsop says:

    Was the graphic description of the killing of three elephants really necessary I used to love Wilbur Smith novels but lately they are too blood thirsty I have discussed his work with two friends, both male One of whom is used to shooting But both are of the opinion he is going too far I am 77 yrs of age and not easily put off, but enough is enough.

  6. Brian M.Kindle Customer) Brian M.Kindle Customer) says:

    I have over the years read all the African novels,this one I especially enjoyed the re read The story line I couldn t remember,it was well worth the read,it now means a wait for the novel which is a presequel to this one,comes out quite soon King of Kings I think.Hope it will be as exciting.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    Courtney saga are my favourite books I don t normally like reading a lot of books from the same author as I find they are always slightly similar But, because it is one family going through the generations and what they deal with I love that every so often they will have the same qualities or personality traits as previous relations It s a fantastic read I can never put them down.

  8. bendaw bendaw says:

    The reader may occasionally feel they re between a thoroughly enjoyable tale and a history lecture The book is in Wilbur Smith s incomparable style and is another read that you won t want to put down Beware, though, some will find his graphic details of torture too much for late night reading, especially those of a gentle disposition Ladies, you have been warned.

  9. Customer Customer says:

    I am an avid fan of these books and author, I have everyone he has written and I can go back happily and read again They are well researched and enthralling, a fantastic way to improve your history and that of Africa as well.

  10. alibaba alibaba says:

    Based at first on Gordon of Khartoum and the Mahdi an interesting tale woven into the British involvement in the area at that time Only criticism is the too descriptive and unnecessary sexual descriptions Spoils s good read

  11. Suetpud Suetpud says:

    An excellent well developed story , in fact one of Wilbur Smith s best and i have read them all this one twice Full of action and suspense.

  12. Rodhicks Rodhicks says:

    very good book if a bit melodramatic amazing that the hero always emerges unscathed Perhaps a bit far fetched.

  13. BB BB says:

    What an excellent read, I found it impossible to put down A combination of history woven round the love and experience of the diverse characters Since finishing I haven t started another novel although I have the sequel Africa ready.

  14. Brent Ford Brent Ford says:

    Started to read it and couldn t put it down A number of different strands and each one leaving you wanting to read on

  15. Martin G Martin G says:

    great story beautifully written now I ve finished it i might be able to go to sleep at a reasonable time 10 10