Audiobooks The Walls Have Ears: The Greatest Intelligence Operation of World War IIAuthor Helen Fry –

Husband says he s thoroughly enjoying this book It was a gift he had requested and it doesn t disappoint. At the outbreak of World War Two, MI6 spymaster Thomas Kendrick began work on a top secret operation the cell rooms of the German prisoners in the Tower of London were to be bugged Listeners behind the walls recorded their private conversations after the formal interrogations were over this eavesdropping mission proved so effective that it would go on to be set up at three further sites This note from the cover of the book sets the scene for what has rightly been described as an astonishing story of wartime espionage, with interrogations so subtle that the subjects never realised what was happening.Material as valuable as that provided by Bletchley Park was revealed through the work done by the interrogators and secret listeners at the sites As the title suggests, this book covers the detailed work of those secret listeners, largely migr s who had fled Hitler s Germany However, Helen Fry s research goes much wider than this, with background material that has clearly been carefully researched in a thorough way and fully annotated Most of the captured German generals were held at Trent Park, Cockfosters, where their vanity was massaged, causing them to speak openly and freely among themselves, revealing invaluable intelligence to the microphones hidden in light fittings, walls, and even trees Revelations of the V1, V2, and the potentially even lethal V3 long range rockets were overheard and thus revealed from conversations between two top German generals In the words of Fritz Lustig, one of the listeners, picking up this kind of intelligence could make the difference between winning or losing the war The information enabled British Intelligence to keep ahead of the constantly moving launch sites It also enabled Air Intelligence to coordinate their RAF bombing missions to take out the sites before they became operational.As the author notes, the discovery of Peenemunde alone proved the value of the whole of MI19 operation and than justified the three sites.Of particular value was overheard information from prisoners on underground sites and U boat bases that could not be identified from aerial reconnaissance missions Overheard too were admissions by very senior German prisoners of the liquidation on their orders of thousands of Jews and Polish intellectuals, and children as young as three.Vital political information including attitudes to Hitler and the strategic thinking of the Axis powers were also noted and passed on to the heads of the Army, Navy and RAF, and through Col Kendrick, to the Americans The likelihood or otherwise of gas warfare was overheard by the listeners then assessed by our senior military intelligence personnel, even Churchill.For readers of the author s earlier publications, this book which includes verbatim transcripts in English is an invaluable extension and amplification adding to them magnificently, and could well become a text book on this vital area There are various detailed indexes, and the sub headings within each chapter makes the sometimes detailed material easy to absorb In brief, it s a page turner on this fascinating subject that I thoroughly recommend. Very interesting For those interested in spies this is a must Loved this book, it s a spectacular story and reads like a Spy novel but it s a true story.Defence Intelligence during WWII in an absolutely brilliant piece of work bugged top German Generals to uncover some of Nazi Germany s closely guarded secrets.The audacity of the bugging operation is truly staggering, luring the hapless German Prisoners of War to talk about their secrets, while housing them in the lap of luxury at three Mansions.The targets of this Operation were so taken in that it never occurred to them, that their every single word was being listened to round the clock by the Secret Listeners of Defence was a masterstroke of Col Kendrick, the brains behind this whole enterprise, he should be lauded for his vision, it s hard to understand that until now, he has been neglected by history.The bugging revealed high grade information, which was vital to the war effort, taken together with the intelligence gathered at Bletchley Park, it gave us an incredible picture inside the Nazi War Machine.Loved this book, it races along, the author has that rare gift of relaying this story with enthusiasm and verve If you get a chance also worth going to listen to the author tell the story of this brilliant campaign in person I was lucky enough to attend a lecture given by Dr Fry at the National Army Museum about this book and it was absolutely outstanding. A history of the elaborate and brilliantly sustained World War II intelligence operation by which Hitler s generals were tricked into giving away vital Nazi secretsAt the outbreak of World War Two, MI6 spymaster Thomas Kendrick arrived at the Tower of London to set up a top secret operation German prisoners cells were to be bugged and listeners installed behind the walls to record and transcribe their private conversations This mission proved so effective that it would go on to be set up at three further sites and provide the Allies with crucial insight into new technology being developed by the Nazis.In this astonishing history, Helen Fry uncovers the inner workings of the bugging operation On arrival at stately homes turned prisons like Trent Park, high ranking German Generals and commanders were given a phoney interrogation, then treated as guests, wined and dined at exclusive clubs, and encouraged to talk And so it was that the Allies got access to some of Hitler s most closely guarded secrets and from those most entrusted to protect them. Who needs an imagined Whodunnit and Spy Thrillers when you can be astonished by real intrigues and clever dealings The unput down able The Walls Have Ears will satisfy all those itches. Good read.Well worth getting. A very interesting looking book which I have not yet read, as it was bought for my husband He is enjoying it at the moment and is impressed.