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A gripping read, a literary blockbuster with brains Horribly compelling The Observer Featuring an explosive twist in the tail climax, this terrifying hybrid of Orwell s Nineteen Eighty Four and Zamyatin s We is a triumph The Guardian In a world ravaged by bankruptcy and unemployment, Cloud is the only company left worth working for But what will it cost you Amidst the wreckage of America, Cloud reigns supreme Cloud brands itself not just as an online storefront, but as a global saviour Yet, beneath the sunny exterior, lurks something farsinisterPaxton never thought he d be working Security for the company that ruined his life, much less that he d be moving into one of their sprawling live work facilities But compared to what s left outside, perhaps Cloud isn t so bad Better still, through his work he meets Zinnia, who fills him with hope for their shared futureExcept that Zinnia is not what she seems And Paxton, with his all access security credentials, might just be her meal ticketAs Paxton and Zinnia s agendas place them on a collision course, they re about to learn just how far the Cloud will go to make the world a better place To beat the system, you have to be inside itWhat people are saying about The Warehouse Literary blockbuster Observer A triumph Guardian Brilliantly imagined BBC Culture Inventive, addictive Paul Tremblay Thrilling Blake Crouch An Orwellian thriller Publisher s Weekly Wildly imaginative yet terrifyingly real Riley Sager Taut, tense and masterful Chuck Wendig One of the breakout books of the year Barnes Noble Holds up a dark mirror to our times San Francisco Chronicle A jet black satire of modern consumerism Waterstones A thriller of ideas taut action, incisive cultural commentary shades of Fahrenheitand Jurassic Park USA Today

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