Free Best The Winter War: Russia's Invasion of Finland, 1939-1940Author Robert Edwards –

On November the Soviet Unions Red Army invaded the young nation state of Finland, in the full expectation of routing the small, ill equipped Finnish army and annexing the former Russian territory by the end of the year But Finland held out forbitterly cold, fiercely combative days, until March when a peace agreement ended the short, savage Winter War At the stirring center of the story lie the resourcefulness and resolve of the Finnish people, who against all military oddsin want of ammunition, food, sleep, and troopsfought a blundering, ineptly commanded Red Army to a standstill On March , they ceded to the Sovietpercent of their territory andpercent of their economic assets, but none of their national pride The Russians meanwhile had markedly damaged their international standing and effectively ruined their military reputation to such an extent, as this probing chapter in World War II history demonstrates, that Germany, with proud blooded Finland as an ally, dared to launch itsinvasion of Russia At the same time, though, the fiasco of the Winter War forced Stalin to acknowledge the shortcomings of the Red Army and to reform it Germany would fall at Stalingrad inWith authority, this skillfully narrated military history unfolds its story of the four month Soviet Finnish war and explores its consequences from London to Moscow, from Helsinki to Paris, to Washington, DC