Download Audible Tito, Mihailovic, and the Allies By Walter R Roberts –

This book is a remarkable achievement by Walter Roberts In an ordered and systematic way he works his way through the often confusing, contradictory and biased accounts of the Yugoslav struggle against the Germans and concurrent civil war Not only does he manage to sort multiple sources into a well written narrative, he manages to present an understandable and, in my opinion, historically correct summary of events He does not get drawn into a pro , or anti communist position, which plagues most of the other books about this time, and instead presents the reader with a very readable and informative book with a clear timeline Highly recommended This new edition contains a new foreword by the author. This is highly inaccurate a reads like communist propaganda, than historical fact Subsequent books on WWII Yugoslavia, by western intelligence experts David Martin and Michael Lees, completely refute the falsehoods written by Walter Roberts This is a fascinating read on a sensitive and actively obfuscated period of Balkans history The author interviewed a large number of important people from all sides who were still alive at the time A true page turner for a history buff tired of one sided, interest driven mythologies or just plain lying by omission or otherwise so typical of Balkans related writings This book is a key to understanding Balkans politics and attitudes. Rare book delivered in condition described.