Prime We Are All Dots: A Big Plan for a Better WorldAutor Giancarlo Macri –

A clever visual representation of socio economic divisions and a call to overcome them Combining sharp political commentary with a simple design makes a large concept easier for the littlest and our future humans to comprehend Kirkus ReviewsWith gentle wisdom and visual originality, this deceptively simple book makes the case that compassion is the solution to humanitys challenges The perfect book for any child curious about differences and diversity, this visually driven story bears a decidedly modern and inspiring message about compassion, cooperation, and a sense of shared humanityall qualities that appear increasingly rare in recent months With simple black and white drawingslittlethan black and white dots and the images of a hamburger, of a skyscraper, of a Ferris wheel, etc they make when arranged just sothis fantastic tale of neighbors tells a story of a world, much like our own, of haves and have nots Beginning with a set of prosperous dots on one page and another set of impoverished dots on the other, the book takes us through their struggle to bridge their differences Just when it looks look like the dots will be forever doomed, they work together to find a solution that will help them all Great things happen when we learn to share and work together