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Will Fain, US Marshal, BookChief Deputy US Marshal Isum Wood has a brother on a homestead in New Mexico Isum s brother sends a telegram asking for help Isum takes the train out to Durango, Colorado, then rides down to New Mexico to his brother s ranch A neighbor is stealing cattle and branding calves that don t belong to him Isum arrests the man and two ranch hands, but the neighbor s son shoot Isum, who falls off a cliff and spends five days alone in the wilderness with a wrenched leg that won t allow him to walk far US Marshals Del Cole and Abram Shallot ride in to find Isum and help stop the cattle thieving rancher Will Fain, meanwhile, finds that the new judge called to replace Judge DuVal is not suited to the task, so he gets President Grant to help him call on President Rutherford B Hayes to have the judge s nomination pulled It s another classic western from R O Lane

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