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Will Fain, book 8, is the latest in a series of wonderful stories of the Old West Both my wife and myself really enjoy Will Fain, his wife and kids and his deputies They are a wonderful mix of loving family men and rough tough lawmen that do not suffer fools I writing is superb and as they say, there s never a dull moment We look forward to Will Fain 9 and all the ones thereafter Tales of The Old West truly don t get any better than the Will Fain series. I ve now read book 1 thru 8 Sure hoping 9 is coming soon Nice to have people like the deputies and their wives that are so caring and respectful Thinking this could surely be a great made for tv series. Will Fain,U.S Marshall book 8 Another great book I love the characters in this series Each one a hero and fighting for the right side of the law I also love the relationship between them and their families This is a great book and a great series. I have enjoyed all the Will Fain books I like how each of the deputies gets a chance to shine In this book Abrams the half Cherokee gets justice for his 16 year old cousin who was kidnapped and murdered by the McAdoo gang And the team takes down an assassin who murdered witnesses to crime An exciting read as always. Will Fain meets the new judge for the Western District of Texas and is put on the chase for a killer for hire that is bumping off witnesses and stifling justice Isum Wood, chief deputy, puts his life on the line, hoping the assassin will attack him, but that Will and the other deputies can kill the assassin before he can turn his deadly Sharps rifle on Isum Will s deputies seek out killers all over Texas and New Mexico, going after the worst of the worst and putting their lives on the line In contrast to how tough and ruthless they must be in their jobs, each marshal has a family that they love and cherish and a loving side to them that nobody but their families ever sees It s another classic western from R O Lane with just a touch of romance and love.