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Well illustrated, closely argued and fascinating GUARDIAN This is the first book length study in English to investigate what women did in the Viking age, both at home in Scandinavia and in the Viking colonies from Greenland to Russia Evidence for their lives is fragmentary, but Judith Jesch assembles the clues provided by archaeology, runic inscriptions, place names and personal names, foreign historical records and Old Norse literature and mythology These sources illuminate different aspects of women s lives in the Viking age, on the farms and in the trading centres of Scandinavia, abroad on Viking expeditions, and as settlers in places such as Iceland and the British Isles Women in the Viking Age explores anunfamiliar aspect of medieval history and offers a new perspective on Viking society, very different from the traditional picture of a violent and male dominated world JUDITH JESCH is Reader in Viking Studies at the University of Nottingham.

8 thoughts on “Women in the Viking Age

  1. JoJo JoJo says:

    An academic work with excellent reference and quite readable not always so with such research Supported with a variety of evidence both archeological and through contextual literature and thorough for a subject so hard up for concrete resource.

  2. Norbert Schnitzelgruber Norbert Schnitzelgruber says:

    Thoroughly recommended

  3. P. Wiltshire P. Wiltshire says:

    Jesch provides a refreshingly objective view upon not only the lives of women in this much mythologised time period, but also, through them, upon their male counterparts.

  4. sean sean says:

    Easy to understand, wide breadth and a good introduction to the topic

  5. Linda Linda says:

    I am a re enactor in a Viking and Saxon group so found this book very useful for research, I have referred to it on several occasions.

  6. briony mwakalenga briony mwakalenga says:

    friend was very pleased with the gift she is involved in re enactment.

  7. jessie jessie says:

    good to read, not a novel but is informative.

  8. J E Bennett J E Bennett says:

    Very good book full of information and detail on this subject and very well written.