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I read Jenny s first book and found it transformed my understanding of my diabetes With her help and Dr Bernstein s book also I brought my blood glucose levels to within the non diabetic range and without medication Test, test and test to your meter all the way So thank you so much Jenny.This latest book is quite superb It does indeed answer all your questions on diabetes and managing it It s easy to read and explains answers extremely well You do not need to be a scientist to understand what is being explained Empowerment is what it gives us in spades.I think every diabetic should read a copy of this book and take heart The confidence it will give to handling diabetes well is quite beyond value. This book answered all my questions on diabetes 2 and. Answered a lot of my questions Great book. Well researched information presented in a clear form Invaluable if you have type 2 diabetes When I was first diagnosed there was a 1 month wait between appointments with my doctor and the local Diabetes Clinic I had SO MANY questions and Googling didn t always satisfy When I ran across pages from Blood Sugar 101 I realized this woman has researched the questions I have. Sampled the book, then bought the book, then read the book from start to finish over two days I also took numerous notes and screen shots which I printed out In other words I found the information presented in this book vital to my knowledge of this disease with which I have just been diagnosed and which I am determined to control reverse.The author presents an exhaustive overview of what the disease is, how it can best be controlled, what happens to your organs when your blood sugar gets too high, what tests should be performed to check out the damage already done and on and on.I m so grateful that I found this book I will now go to the website the author recommends so I can learn even. Whether you have just been diagnosed or have already read a lot on the subject, I highly recommend Jenny Ruhl s easy to understand, and thoroughly researched work This book, like her previous ones, should be required reading for all diabetics. I prefer the first book but this one is okay too especially if you have diabetes You should learn all you can from different sources. This long awaited sequel to Jenny Ruhl s bestseller, Blood Sugargives you the facts you need to understand your Typediabetes and master it Less technical than the earlier book, its question and answer format focuses on solving the many real world problems that come up as you work on normalizing your blood sugar No matter how much you know about diabetes, you ll find valuable insights and helpful strategies among the overanswers presented in these pagesYou ll learn why you have diabetes, what you can do to keep it from damaging your body, and why you don t have to fear ending up like your diabetic grandpa New material covers the history of diabetic treatment, how to cope with the diabetes related conflicts that come up with friends and family, special issues that arise when elders are living with Typediabetes, and how to understand why doctors are the way they are so you can make the most productive use of the very limited time your doctor can spend with you As always, Ruhl presents easy to understand solutions that have worked for thousands of ordinary people without requiring extreme diets, obsessional behavior, or heroic self control With the information you ll find here, you can make them work for you, too Note This book is also very helpful for anyone who has been given a diagnosis of prediabetes I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes about 20 years ago I thought I was smart about it and knew all I needed to know But I didn t Earlier this year, for the first time, I read Dr Richard Bernstein s book, The Diabetes Solution excellent and realized how much I actually hadn t known Then, in following him online, I came across Jenny Ruhl s book, Blood Sugar 101 What They Don t Tell You About Diabetes I became so riveted in that book that I bought an e Reader so that I could keep reading it without being stuck in front of my desktop computer Jenny is a regular gal not a doctor with Type 2 diabetes and her situation is very similar to mine and lots of us But what Jenny did that the rest of us did not was to perform the nitty gritty research on all of the details about this disease and then she took the time to explain everything so that it s amazingly understandable Jenny writes in a super organized, logical flow So many times, I d read something and think, yeah but then what happens and the next paragraph answered my question So even though I learned a lot from Dr Bernstein s books, Jenny s book takes things to a different level and I learned so much about my own condition Type 2 is not Type 1 duhh , so we have different experiences and different requirements Speaking and explaining from her own situation and other people she s spoken to for years in such an organized manner made it so easy to understand and relate to my own situation.So, you ask, why am I going on about the other book Well, the moment I finished Diabetes 101, I immediately bought Your Diabetes Questions Answered And everything I said about the first book, applies to this book and even so Once you really have a good understanding of what your disease really is and how it works, THIS book is AMAZING at explaining to you how to LIVE WITH IT Again, she organizes the questions chapters in such a logical thought flow Nothing is left unanswered Everything she thought about while she was dealing with these issues, she must have written down and took notes And then she took what she knew and wrote this book and organized the book in such a way that there is an incredibly logical flow from one question and answer to the next.I know so much about type 2 diabetes and how to deal with it in the best way for me now, after reading this book, than I did a WEEK ago And that s simply amazing I now follow her Facebook page, I ve bookmarked and follow her web site diabetes101.com , and at this moment, I m purchasing her other books about low carb diets, since I ve already been on one but I KNOW she will teach me about how to do it better I m so impressed and I m so appreciative of the incredible service that Jenny has done for all of us with Type 2 Diabetes Thank you, Jenny, if you ever read these reviews